多样性、股票 & GMercyU的包容性


摆脱电子游戏mg官方网站多样性、公平的声明 & 包含(一些)

格温内斯仁慈大学’s core values of integrity in word and deed, respect for the dignity of all people, 服务社会, and social justice in a diverse world, place inclusive excellence at the center of our daily work and relationships as a Catholic, 仁慈的大学. Inclusive excellence recognizes that to advance our mission successfully, 我们必须重视, 参与, and include the rich diversity of all the members of our community.

In seeking to live this commitment faithfully, 我们必须首先承认,我们如何不断受到整个社会系统性不平等的集体历史的影响, despite our commitment to inclusivity. 我们必须从失败中吸取教训,在成功的基础上再接再厉,努力建立一个以仁慈为根基、更具包容性的机构.

为了实现这个目标, our community must meaningfully internalize this work of transformation; it will require all to 参与 in collaborative implementation that strategically integrates inclusion and 激进的怜悯 融入课程, co-curriculum, 管理结构, 实践, 决策, 和文化.


A component of the Office for 学生 Eng年龄ment, 核心程序 旨在教育GMercyU社区与我们的核心价值观和我们对怜悯姐妹的关键问题的关注有关的主题.

Providing space for 学生 to come together, spread awareness to the community at large, and help propel our University forward:

See a recent example of a GMercyU student organization in action: 
GMercyU Raises Progressive Pride Flag on Campus for LGBTQ+ Awareness Week

这个强大的学生项目旨在帮助你更好地理解你的个人身份, better understand your role as a leader in a diverse Mercy community, and to help you learn how to utilize your own skills, 知识, and resources to support the development of your peers. Using the Speak Out e-course called "Race, Power, and Privilege," we hope you will learn to:

  • Unpack prejudice, discrimination, and oppression
  • Cover key definitions essential to anti-racism education
  • Offer activities to assess and evaluate one's own identity and responsibility
  • Outline steps to practice solidarity

学生 leaders of student organizations, 拉, SGA, 美洲国家组织, SAAC, and selected student athletes are invited to participate. *This program is a collaboration between the 多元平等办公室 & 包容 and the Office for 学生 Eng年龄ment.

Looking for an all-性别 bathroom?

all性别bathroomsign.pngFind one at these locations around campus, marked with an "all-性别 restroom" sign.

  • 法蒂玛大厅
  • St. 伯纳德·霍尔:2楼
  • 访问ation House: 1st floor, 2nd floor
  • Tabor House:  1st floor, 2nd floor
  • Keiss 图书馆: 1st floor (two near entrance), 2nd floor
  • St. 布里吉德大厅:一楼
  • 锡耶纳大厅:1楼(3)
  • 亚历山大大厅:一楼
  • 招生 House: 1st floor, 2nd floor
  • Assumption Hall: 1st floor (one by the Lincoln 图书馆, one near the kitchen), 2nd floor

See locations of some of our all-性别 restrooms here. (PDF)

The all-性别 bathrooms help ensure that all 学生, 教师, 工作人员, and campus visitors have places on campus where they feel safe using the restroom. 他们还肯定了所有学生根据自己的性别认同使用洗手间的权利.

探索这些资源, 包括书籍, 学术资源, 视频, 媒体, public organizations and collections, 拉丁LGBTQ+资源, Afro-Latinidad资源, 和更多的.

在这一页, read our GMercyU Land Ac知识ment and see our events for the 2022-2023 academic year.

GMercyU综合研究 以学生为中心吗, inclusive post-secondary program for individuals 年龄d 18-26 with intellectual disabilities. This program is designed to provide excellent opportunities in education, 职业发展, and social participation within an inclusive academic setting.

In Fall 2022, Integrated Studies student-athlete Sebastian DeSimone '26 因为帮助确保全国的智障学生能够参加三级体育比赛而被《摆脱电子游戏mg官方网站》特别报道.

在慈悲会的传统中, 慈善中心 team seeks to be an open and 确认 presence for all, promoting the search for spiritual growth with an emphasis on 服务社会.

浏览此列表 of 政策, statements, services 和更多的 for our LGBTQ+ community.

Through various student, 工作人员, and 教师 projects, GMercyU supports the 慈善组织聚焦海地在海地的格罗斯莫恩社区,一群慈悲修女会、朋友和同事一起散步.

You can learn more about GMercyU's connection with 关注海地吧.

核心程序 and the 多元平等办公室 & 《摆脱电子游戏mg官方网站》创建这个网站是为了帮助促进学习,并提供一份摆脱电子游戏mg官方网站理解种族/文化创伤的非全面资源清单. It includes toolkits and trainings; Black, 土著, People of Color (BIPOC) resources; coping strategies; outside therapists; and ally resources.

# StopAsianHate工具包
In response to the alarming number of anti-Asian hate crimes since the start of the pandemic, CORE计划创建了这个工具包来分享你可以采取的步骤,以促进改变和意识.

LGBTQ+资源的汇编,来自GMercyU, Keiss图书馆,地方和国家资源

Anti-Racism in Higher 教育
Resources from Keiss 图书馆 on teaching and learning about anti-racism today

As the justice system has addressed recent and news-worthy key cases, this non-exhaustive resource list allows us to discern how 正义, 非暴力, 反种族主义, 和仁慈是有联系的.


在我们的 偏见活动反应协议 页面, find the University's definition of bias activity, 骚扰, 和歧视, learn how to file a bias report to the University, and learn the role of the Bias Activity Review Group and protocol used to respond to reports.


看到 选择名称策略 (PDF).

有关流程、时间表、可用系统和限制的更多信息,请参阅 已选名称策略常见问题 (PDF).

学生可完成 增加了选择的名称形式,请发邮件至 registrarpaperwork@gas-diluter.com 待处理.

Employees can follow the following 指令 to self-update their record on ADP, additional systems will follow but the update will not be im媒体te as in ADP. If you have questions about the status of your name change please reach out to HR@gas-diluter.com.

社区资源小组(CRG)由教职员工组成,他们共同努力促进大学的使命和价值观, 并提高对影响传统上代表性不足的群体及其盟友的问题的认识和理解.

政策: 大学认可成功完成社区资源小组认可过程的小组为CRG. 在这里查看整个政策. 
范围: This policy applies to all active employees. CRG status is not available to commercial, political, or social groups.
实现: The responsibility for reviewing, 批准, 实施CRG政策取决于多元化、公平和包容副总裁与人力资源副总裁协商.

光谱.jpgSpectrum Steering Committee (CRG)
这个CRG的使命是鼓励和支持LGBTQ+和相关员工,并利用他们的资源和工具来促进LGBTQ+和相关教师之间的社区, 工作人员, 学生, 及大学校友. For more information or to contact the group, please email 光谱@gas-diluter.com.

The purposes of the association shall be:

  • To encour年龄 and support the lesbian, 同性恋, 双性恋, 变性人, 酷儿/质疑, and allied employees of the University; and
  • 指导女同性恋者, 同性恋, 双性恋, 变性人, 酷儿/质疑, 联合学生 及大学校友; and
  • To foster community among the lesbian, 同性恋, 双性恋, 和变性人, 酷儿/质疑, 联合学生, 教师, 工作人员, 及大学校友; and
  • To create and implement educational and social lesbian, 同性恋, 双性恋, 变性人, 酷儿/质疑 and allied university programs and events; and
  • To support and encour年龄 格温内斯仁慈大学’s 多元平等办公室 & 包容; and
  • To represent the interests of 格温内斯仁慈大学’s 多元平等办公室 & 包容这些学生, 教师, 工作人员, and alumni in creating a diverse, 确认, 一流大学

教师 and Staff of Color Community Resource Group

mg摆脱电子游戏官方网站有色人种社区资源小组的使命是通过讨论当前相关问题来促进联系和发展一个专注的社区, both at the University and in the larger community, that will support and advocate for the DEI and anti-racism efforts at GMercyU.

For more information or to contact the group, please email fsofcolor@gas-diluter.com.

In keeping with our mission and core values, 格温内斯仁慈大学 is committed to welcoming a diverse community of 学生, 教师, 和工作人员. 大学不会基于种族歧视任何申请人的入学或就业, color, 种族, 宗教, 年龄, 性别, 性别认同, 国籍, or any other legally protected class status. 

看到我们的 不歧视政策, which applies to all University 教师, administrators, 工作人员, and 学生.

多元平等办公室 & 融入计划

Led by Tatiana Diaz, AVP of 多样性、股票 & 包容, 该委员会制定并跟踪改善多样性的具体步骤和进展指标, 股本, 和包容.


  • 作为一种组织机制,培养和维持与多样性相关的倡议和规划的协同和协作, 股本, 和包容 across the University
  • 监察和报告大学在执行各项倡议和工作计划方面的进展  
  • 就大学在多元化方面的举措提出有效的内部和外部沟通建议, 股本, 和包容. 
  • Works to identify and advance systemic structures, 实践, 政策, and traditions that will advance diversity, 股本, 和包容, while also removing barriers of the same kind


  • 帕特丽夏·布朗·奥哈拉,助理教授兼本科生助理院长. Maguire School of Nursing and 健康 Professions 
  • Kim Cooney, Director, First-Year Experience
  • Joanna Gallagher, Director of Public Safety and Security Staff Council Chair
  • 麦迪·赫尔曼,指导员 & Program Coordinator, School of Business & 教育
  • Meredith Hoch-Oescher, Dean of 学生 Success 
  • Aimee Huffstetler, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment
  • Alexandra Jabara Johnston, Director for 学生 Eng年龄ment
  • Maria Jordan, Instructor, Frances M. Maguire School of Nursing and 健康 Professions
  • SoYoung Kang, Director of Center for Teaching and Learning, Representative for 教师 & 工作人员的颜色 
  • Kelly Kiefer, Director of Accessibility 服务s
  • Deb O’Reilly, Digital Content Specialist 
  • Victory Osezua, Assistant Professor, School of Arts & 科学
  • Dan Parker, Administrative Assistant, School of Arts & 科学, Representative for Spectrum CRG
  • Atasha Quarles, Associate Director of 金融援助 
  • Alex Reynolds, Associate Director for Housing & 居住生活
  • Peggy Rosario, Assistant Professor, School of Business and 教育
  • Dianna Sofo, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
  • Mary Sortino, Dean of the School of Business and 教育
  • TBA -评税主任 & 认证
  • TBA - University Advancement Representative
  • Jeffrey Wallace, Director of Spirituality & 正义
  • S. Megan Walter, Associate Professor, School of Arts & 科学

参见GMercyU的词汇表 一些定义.

GMercyU认识到,作为一个社区,我们需要共同成长,以更好地理解多样性, 股本 & 包容. Therefore, we provide varied opportunities for the development of 教师 和工作人员.

Sessions are offered each semester and all 工作人员 and 教师 are encour年龄d to complete them. They are conducted by GMercyU 多样性、股票 & 包容性培训师(接受过培训的现任教职员工作为辅导员来领导这些课程). Upcoming dates and times are shared via email to the community every semester; they can also be found in the 多样性、股票 & 包容 教师 and Staff Resources course in Canvas.

  • 是我说错了什么吗?: 该研讨会为参与者提供战术工具,用于进行公平和可持续变革所必需的艰苦对话. We provide opportunities for private moments of truthful reflection, and then we give participants a step-by-step roadmap of, 还有练习的机会, what to do and say when you have offended someone, and when someone has offended you. (每次90分钟)
  • 探索意识 & 无意识的偏见:这个研讨会让社区参与讨论我们的行为可能对他人造成的问题, as well as becoming more aware of biased behavior in general. (120分钟会话)
  • + 101同性恋群体: 这个工作坊让参与者更好地理解LGBTQ+群体的当前术语和定义. 它还将讨论当前学生的需求,并讨论当前大学的努力和政策. (120分钟会话)

"How I Do DEI" Workshops for 教师
A collaboration between GMercyU 教师, Teaching & Learning 工作人员, and the Office of Diversity 股本 & 包容, these workshops are an opportunity to grow as a community and enhance the student experience. 每次会议期间, presenters share a strategy they currently use in their classroom to integrate diversity, 股本 & 融入他们的实践. The session are hybrid, recorded, and then added to 多样性、股票 & 包容 教师 and Staff Resources Course in Canvas. Upcoming dates can be found in the 多样性、股票 & 包容 教师 and Staff Resources Course in Canvas.

多样性、股票 & 包容 教师 and Staff Resources Course in Canvas
这个资源和教学方法的集合是一个教师和工作人员主导的项目,旨在帮助我们的同事和我们自己学习更多的包容性教学, 指导, 和被. We've created this site to meet the needs of folks who are at various st年龄s of their DEI work. 这门课程将继续与我们的社区一起成长,并将为自我发展提供持续的机会. 所有的教职员工都应该可以访问这个网站,如果你在访问它时遇到了麻烦,请联系 迪亚兹.t@gmercy.edu.

As a Mercy community, we stand committed to our undocumented and DACA 学生. We support you and are committed to your success. Your initial point of contact for related questions is Tatiana Diaz, AVP of 多样性、股票 & 包含,215-646-7300 x21073.


  • Serve as point person for student concerns
  • Connect 学生 with campus resources

DACA and Undocumented Working Group

This group works to identify strategies to support undocumented and DACA 学生  at GMercyU. 成员包括: 

  • Joseph Alaimo, Director Of 金融援助, 金融援助
  • Shanon Algeo, Head Women's Lacrosse Coach/Sports Information Assistant
  • Tatiana Diaz, AVP of 多样性、股票 & 包容
  • Atasha Quarles, Associate Director of 金融援助
  • Jesse Ruhl, International 学生 Liaison, International 学生 服务s
  • Betsy Stone Plummer, Director of 服务 and 凯瑟琳的橱柜

看到我们的 DACA的资源 学生s 页面 奖学金/经济援助、法律支持、健康支持、经济支持、宣传等等.

Looking for the latest updates on legislation and national resources? 请参阅以下网站: